Rain gone

Now that the rain has stopped, I can finally take a long walk with my daddies.  I am so happy to see the streets clean and the other dogs.   Hello Emeryville.


I’m Back

Hello and nice to meet you. I have decided to post regularly.  Its raining the entire weekend, so hopefully I will have many new stories to share soon.


Shiba Picnic Norcal 2016

IMG_6648What a fun picnic. I got to meet a lot of other shiba’s there. It was a shiba overload. They were all nice and friendly.

My daddies enjoyed looking at the other friends I met. As the day got hotter, I told my daddies that I wanted to leave due to the heat. So we packed up and went on a road trip to Sonoma. It was my first time there. We stopped at two dog friendly wineries, and we got to relax and try some of the local tasting.

What a long day. I was glad that I got to go out and have fun.

Go Giants!!!

Go Giants!!! My daddies brought me back a SF Giants rag from Game 3 of the National Playoffs.  I am happy that the Giants won game 3, 4, 5. I am a big Giants fan. I decided to surprise my daddy with a photo of me with the my SF gear. What do you think?